How it works

Learn how hire a programmer works

Step 1

The first step to hire a programmer is to describe what you need exactly and for which purpose. Our team will find the right programmer for you based on many years of experience. If it all clear, we will send you a few resumes of the possible candidates.

  • How do we find these programmers

    The search for programmers

    We have a local devision in f.e. India, where we have our own office, programmers and manager. They will find the right programmer in a local search or by using one of our many agents in the field. This way any programmer can be found. 

  • Where are the programmer located

    Working place of programmers

    Most programmers can work from home (since Covid-19 this more standard), but we also provide working space for developers that cannot work from home. 

  • For which programming language can we hire programmers

    Programmers capabilities

    For each programming requirement we can find the right programmer. Of course it is easier to find a PHP/Wordpress programmer that for a less used language. Which means it might take a little longer to find the right one. But with almost 1.4 billion people in India, almost anything can be found.


Selection process

Step 2

From the resumes send, you can choose the once that you think fit best for your tasks. These applicants will be asked to do a small task. The task can be delived by you or we will create one for you. Just to be sure that the programmers can do what they tell in their resumes. This part is only for medium and senior level programmers, as they should be able to work individually.

  • How do these programmers get selected


    Programmers will be found by using multiple methods. Our own database, multiple websites and a wide range of agents. We will recieve resumes and make a selection of the once that fit best for you. The best resumes will be send to you for evaluation. The best 2 can do a test to be sure it the right one for you.

  • What is none of the applicants are as required/expected

    Right programmer not found

    It almost never happens that we cannot find any programmer that is needed. But in the case this happens, there are not any fees charged. So no risk at all for you.

  • Who will review the task

    Final review of capabilities

    If it is decided to do a technical test, you can review the code if you have capable programmers already in place. if not one of our programmers will review the code to see if averting that is doe is according to the quality expected.


Hiring process

Step 3

When we have found you the right programmer and he has completed the task, the hiring process will start. We offer a minumum of 3 months (except the 'one project' option, this can be any period"). We will hire the programmer and send you the invoice for this programmer for the first period. After the 3 months we will evaluate and extend the agreement. From this point on we will invoice monthly.

  • Do these programmes come on my payrol

    Payment of the programmers

    No, the programmers will be on our payrol and so all the employement risks are ours. You will just get a fixed monthly invoice for the project.

  • What if the programmers stops before the end of the period

    Unplanned stop

    If the programmer stopt before the end of what we agreed upon, we will find a new one as soon as possible. because we are working with people this could happen.  people get sick or cannot work for any other reasin. You will not pay for the time that nobody is working for you of course. 

  • What happens when the programmer does not perform as expected

    Not as required

    If after the test the programmer does not perform, it is possible to stop in he first 30 days.


Programmer @ work

Step 4

When the programmer is working for you you will be in direct contact with the programmer. He or she will work with the same processes you require, or we will instruct to use a system that can works best for you. Any HR issue will be solved by our local devision. So no worries about any cultural aspects. We will make sure the programmer has a device to work on and if applicable a location to work at.

  • What if a programmer does not function properly

    Not functioning as planned

    because of the extensive hiring process, this does not happen often, but we are still working with people, so it can alsways happen. If it does not seem to work after all, we will find you a new programmer that does match. Time that is ot worked, you do not have to pay offcourse.

  • How can we assign the tasks

    managing the programmer

    The programmer will work in any system you want them to. So they will fit in your team perfectly. If no system is in place we will advise what will work best for you. Usually we also ask them to send a daily update on the work done that day in addition to the used system.

  • What if the programmer stops working

    Programmer stops

    We are working with real people, so it is possible that the programmer stops working for you. This can be because of illness, or that it is no match for the programmer. We will find you a new programmer as soon as possible, so you can continu your work.